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Congrats to our OT, Vanessa, who will be presenting at national & international OT conferences!

Check out the presentations at AOTA & WFOT!

AOTA INSPIRE | 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

1) Short course: Mental Health in Oncology: Integrating Psychosocial Assessment & Intervention into Clinical Practice

2) Workshop (3 hours): Navigating the Emerging Area of Oncology: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Enhancing Occupational Participation Among Adults with Cancer

3) Short Course: Sexuality as a Meaningful Occupation: Enhancing Clinical Practice & Defining OT's Unique Role in Addressing Sexuality for Individuals With Cancer

To register, visit the AOTA website at

WFOT International Congress and Exhibition 2022

1) Poster Presentation: A Different Perspective in the Emerging Area of Cancer Care: Harnessing Lifestyle Management to Enhance Occupational Functioning, Health, and Quality of Life

To register, visit the WFOT website at


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